You may have heard the rumor that we’ll be offering Fast Passes for attendees at Shameless Book Con 2016.

{Still need to get your tickets? Get them now!}

It’s not a rumor; Fast Passes are a real thing and they’re spectacular!


If you’re unfamiliar with Fast Passes, they’re like reservations or appointments to get to meet an author. You’re not jumping in front of everyone in line; you’re getting to wait in a MUCH shorter, Fast Pass-only line.

{NOTE: Fast Passes and Golden Tickets are separate entities. Golden Tickets are available only through giveaways and allow one event attendee with an entry ticket to skip to the front of any author signing line one time.}

Fast Passes are available to schedule to ease the wait for the following authors:

Fast Pass registration is open on a first come, first served basis through the scheduling application we’ve set up. The form was posted live for all attendees at the same time: Saturday, October 1st at 12pm EDT. We gave several days’ warning through email and social media posts to make sure you’d be available to schedule the Fast Passes you hope to get.

Registration is available to current ticket holders and those who haven’t yet purchased tickets.

If our blog is overrun with traffic, the direct link to the scheduling program will be posted on the Shameless Book Club and Shameless Book Con Facebook pages.



Fast Passes are free and available for all current and future Shameless Book Con 2016 ticket holders!


  • Attendees may schedule Fast Passes for up to THREE different Authors ONE time each.
    • If you schedule more than one Fast Pass for any Author, we will cancel all of your duplicate Fast Passes.
  • Each attendee must schedule their own Fast Passes.
    • Only in prior-approved, special instances can an attendee schedule Fast Passes for another attendee.
  • Do not double-book your appointment times.
    • If you double-book (example: Author A at 12:00; Author B at 12:00), we will cancel all of your duplicates.
  • Scheduling more than THREE Fast Passes total may result in cancellation all of your Fast Passes.

Fast Passes are valid ONLY during the times you’ve scheduled with the Authors you’ve selected. The schedule for Fast Passes are in 20 minute increments of 10 attendees each from 12:00-4:00pm.


Save your confirmation email for future rescheduling. You may reschedule or exchange non-conflicting Fast Passes with another attendee until 1 week prior to the event through the scheduling website.

See you soon!

Disclaimer: By scheduling a Fast Pass to meet an author at Shameless Book Con 2016, you agree to be added to the Shameless Book Sales Newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Click here to go directly to the Fast Pass sign-up page if the form below is giving you trouble.

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