UPDATE 10/4: All blocks are sold out for all of our contracted hotels. If you would like to be waitlisted for a room at one of our contracted hotels (DoubleTree or Holiday Inn & Suites) fill out this form with your name, email and dates you’ll be staying. No obligation to book; we’ll contact you if any rooms open up.
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We’ve had some questions arise recently about some issues surrounding reservations at the DoubleTree by Hilton at Universal Orlando, the Shameless Book Con 2016 event hotel.

(Aside: Nelle has been working extremely hard on this issue, negotiating with the hotels to get you the best deals. She deserves a drink or 20.)

NOTE: If you booked at the DoubleTree and they have chosen your room to be moved to the Holiday Inn and Suites, you will be contacted by the DoubleTree.

If you were NOT contacted directly by the DoubleTree either via email or phone, you may confirm your status by contacting the DoubleTree Reservations Manager, Barbara Bright, at (407) 206-7049.

**Anyone who cancels their DoubleTree reservation and books their room at the Holiday Inn and Suites without first being contacted by the DoubleTree runs the risk of not receiving our perks or room rate (explained below).**

If you would like to cancel your reservation at the DoubleTree and NOT re-book, please contact Nelle on Messenger with your reservation number BEFORE you cancel.

UPDATE 10/5: Our room block at the Hampton Inn is full.
Those who have not yet made a reservation of any kind are encouraged to book your room for Shameless Book Con 2016, our official overflow hotel is the Hampton Inn Orlando North Universal Blvd Area (Group Name: Shameless Book Con). The room rate is good for up to 4 people per room and includes breakfast and internet access.

5621 Windhover Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32819 TEL: +1-407-351-6716

10/19 & 10/20 $109/night; 10/21 & 10/22 $119/night; 10/23 & 10/24 $99/night

**Hampton Inn rates are lower than the DoubleTree, even on peak days. Right now, our rate is $50 per night lower than the standard rate.**

Some Background

When we signed a contract with the hotel for the event and room nights, we were given a highly discounted rate for our guests of $129/night. Because the weekend falls right in the middle of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights peak season and the hotel is directly across the street from Universal, they usually book the hotel for rates at least $200/night and higher.

Once we filled up our initial room block with your reservations, we contracted an additional room block at a rate of $139/night. This occurred back in early 2016. Once we filled up the second room block, we arranged with the local Hampton Inn to provide overflow rooms. UPDATE 10/5: Our room block at the Hampton Inn is full.


All was well until last week when we were notified by the hotel that they would be going through a property-wide renovation, and they would be closing down one of their two room towers. That’s HALF of the hotel. This is something neither Shameless Book Club nor the hotel can control; this is a mandate that the Hilton corporate office has made.

Luckily for us, the hotel is not closing the entire event space and moving our event. Other events have had to move in cases like these.

Who is Moved

When the DoubleTree staff approached us last week about displacing our guests to a neighboring hotel, we negotiated what we feel is a fair compensation. Those approached by the DoubleTree will be moved to the Holiday Inn and Suites. It’s a comparable hotel in both price and amenities and is .2 miles from the DoubleTree – literally across the street as you can see in the Google Maps photo here.

DoubleTree on the left; Holiday Inn on the right:


Walking (or displacing) guests at an overbooked hotel is not unusual but it is unexpected and an inconvenience. We are doing everything we can to make the inconvenience as hassle-free as possible.

What We’re Offering

  • 1-Bedroom suites at $129/night; 10/21-10/22 (Nearly $100/night less than their best available rate)
  • Complimentary on-site parking for guests
  • Free cancellation of your reservation within 72 hours of arrival

NOTE: The Holiday Inn and Suites has required that Shameless Book Club enter into a contract to guarantee the room-nights in order to allow for you to forego a non-refundable deposit.


Thanks to the generosity of the DoubleTree and our negotiation on behalf of our attendees, those people who are being displaced to the Holiday Inn and Suites will receive the following compensations at the DoubleTree for the duration of our event:

  • Complimentary on-site storage (book, swag, luggage, etc) with DoubleTree bell services (Please tip the bellman when you drop off and pick up!)
  • Complimentary wi-fi in DoubleTree hotel public areas (This does not include wi-fi in the event rooms; only in the hotel lobby and restaurants.)
  • Complimentary use of the DoubleTree hotel pool

Parking at the DoubleTree

  • $10/night – Overnight self-parking DoubleTree guests
  • $8/day – Day rate for self-parking event attendees (no in/out privileges)
  • $8/day – Day rate for self-parking Holiday Inn guests booked in our overflow block (includes in/out privileges); guests will pick up a special key card for parking lot gate at DoubleTree Bell Services desk (must show Holiday Inn room key; room key and name will be validated to be in the room block)

We Need Volunteers

We are also asking for volunteers to move from the DoubleTree to the Holiday Inn. This will include people in DoubleTree rooms at $129. We would give you love, perks (see above), AND A GOLDEN TICKET if you are moved or if you volunteer with us to move! If we don’t get enough volunteers, the DoubleTree will select the rooms that need to move, and we don’t want that.

We’re so thankful that those of you who are being walked are being understanding and flexible! We hope this event knocks you out in the very best ways.

Were You Moved? Willing to Move? We Need Your Info!

Click to open a new window to fill out the form if you can’t see it below.

See you in October!

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