Read at least 1 book by each author appearing at Shameless Book Con 2017!


An upgrade to a VIP ticket OR 1 Golden Ticket*!


The first 3 attendees to turn in their completed and verified spreadsheet to Angie between August 1 – October 10 will have their choice of a VIP ticket upgrade or a Golden Ticket*.

  • At least 10 of the books you read must have been read after June 15, 2017.
  • You may use book review(s) you’ve posted in the past.
  • ANY book by a #Shameless17 signing author qualifies.

This post will be updated when winners are announced as well as an announcement made in the Shameless Book Con Attendees group. It is your responsibility to find out if all 3 winners have been awarded.


To prove that you’ve read a book, you must provide a link to your review on Amazon OR Goodreads. Please provide your proof in a spreadsheet like the ones I’m providing below.

Get Your Own Spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheet to track the books you’ve read.

  • Copy/download the spreadsheet on Google Sheets
    • OR
  • Click Download CSV below
Golden Tickets

*Golden Tickets are front-of-the-line passes to be used at the Main Event signing. No more than 3 Golden Tickets will be given out this year!

Click to go directly to the Shameless Book Con 2017 author sheet if the embed below is being a jerk.

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