It’s no exaggeration to say we’re honored to welcome Anna Todd to Shameless Book Con 2016! She’s been busy traveling around the world promoting her books, and she’s just agreed to sign at #SBC16!

Anna Todd at SBC16

With over 1 BILLION online reads before her story was even published, Anna Todd – identified by The Hollywood Reporter as a phenomenon – is one of the most prolific and successful fanfic-turned-novelist to date.

Anna Todd on FacebookSince 2013 when she started adding fans on Wattpad, Anna has racked up nearly 500,000 Facebook fans, 300,000 Twitter followers, and 400,000 Instagram followers.

Those fans all know about the movie deal she made with Paramount. PARAMOUNT. In May, Daniel Sharman was revealed as the lead character:

“On May 15, After author Anna Todd tweeted a Sugarscape article about the potential casting of Daniel Sharman as Hardin Scott, the bad boy character that used to share Harry Styles’ name. Anna Todd had to change his moniker when she turned her Wattpad fanfics into a series of novels.” via Inquisitr


And allow me to brag on her a little about being featured in both the print and online editions of The New York Times. Yeah, major.

The After Series[/one_third]
Nothing More[/one_third_last]
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Oh, and she even has an app!

Some authors do blog tours to share their new book covers with the reading world. Anna is so popular, the cover of her next book was revealed on this summer. It’s Anna’s take on Little Women, The Spring Girls, and will be out in Fall 2017.

Yeah, we’re pretty honored.

Get your tickets now to meet Anna Todd and all of our incredible authors at #SBC16!

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