Haven’t you always wanted to be a romance book reader and blog columnist? Of course you have!

We’re looking to add to our stable of contributors who read and recommend romance books to our followers. With great power comes great responsibility, free books, and the prestige of being a Shameless Contributor. Understand that we don’t blog about every book we read; we only write about books we recommend. Shameless Book Club isn’t a book review blog. The goal of our recommendations is to entice someone to want to read the books we love!

Shameless Book Club has been around since the dawn of time, or more accurately, since 2012. Along with this book recommendation blog, we manage a Facebook group, social media pages, and put on a big author signing event every October in Orlando.

Some details you’ll wanna know:

  • Contributors are paid per recommendation post
  • Minimum of 3 romance book recommendations per month is required
  • Recommendation posts take between 10-30 minutes to complete
  • Correct spelling and proper grammar usage are important qualities for our contributors

Are you the next reader to step into the realm of book blogging? Fill out this submission form with all of the info we need to check you out!

Submissions will close on Wednesday, February 14th. We’ll be in touch in the next few weeks to let you know if we need any more info from you before we make our big decision. Trouble seeing the form below?

Go directly to it here.

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