Silver Sponsor & Signing Author, AJ Alexander

Shameless Book Con is tickled pink (ok well maybe black and red) to have Bronze Sponsor and Signing Author AJ Alexander joining us for #Shameless19 in Orlando Florida!

AJ will be featured during our Up-and-Coming Author Showcase event on Friday evening October 18th, as well as on the floor at our all-day signing event on Saturday October 19th. We can’t wait for you to meet her! She writes stories filled with strong women, hot men and more than a pinch of sarcasm.

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Why do we love her?

Women with no backbone need not apply.

AJ Alexander… Author, Seattle dweller, damsel (no distress) to her very own knight in shining armor, and mom of two beautiful girls. She’s a self-proclaimed wannabe psychologist who writes angst filled stories that capture your attention from the first word and holds you until you’ve devoured the last. She turns out her happily ever after tales with the principal that the HEA needs to be earned by the characters she writes. 

Where can you meet her?

At #Shameless19 of course! Get your now.

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What does she write?

AJ has beautifully combined her love of music and the written word, so don’t be surprised when finding some of your favorite song lyrics sprinkled through-out her tales. She loves meeting her readers; in fact, one of her favorite things is meeting new people and learning how her books impact their lives.

5 Fast Questions

with Kim!

  • Do you enjoy cooking?</h4 >

    I love cooking, but nothing ever comes out the same way twice. I use a recipe more as a guideline than a step by step process. My husband says that’s why I can’t bake lol.

  • Could you live without the internet?</h4 >

    I could! Honestly, I hate social media. I use internet mostly to download books. Now, live without my phone? That’s a no go.

  • What was the best concert you’ve ever attended?</h4 >

    I haven’t been to that many concerts, but the best would be Justin Timberlake. I went with my two best friends. We had a blast and scored amazing seats.

  • Do you have a favorite season?</h4 >

    My favorite season is Fall. Pumpkin spice latte… do I need any other explanation.

  • Which decade do you think had the best sense of style?</h4 >

    I have no sense of style, zero. However, I’m partial to the 90s grunge look. Nirvana is my favorite band.

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