Silver Sponsor & Signing Author, India R Adams

We are extremely pleased to have Signing author, India R Adams as a Silver Sponsor at Shameless Book Con 2019!

India brings her unique writing style and message of “Empowering Perfect Imperfections” to us through her stories. You will have the pleasure of meeting her on both Friday at the Up-and-Coming Author Showcase, as well as on the signing floor Saturday!

Here’s a little extra bonus: I have it on pretty good authority that she will be bringing her very attractive and oh so talented cover model, Andrew Chastain with her on Saturday! If you’re lucky you may get a sweet serenade while at her table!!! #SWOON Check him out on his Instagram.

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Why do we love her?

India is a wordsmith.

She brings you a well-told, powerful love story through well fleshed-out characters that you relate to and sometime feel like you live inside. When you read India – whether it’s in one of her Paranormal romances or YA books – you can feel how much she believes in this statement:

“I believe love to be the most powerful gift of all, so it is always the heart of my books.” 

She also uses her amazing talents to write moving poetry and is greatly passionate when it comes to song writing and music.

Where can you meet her?

At #Shameless19 of course! Get your now.

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What does she write?

Visionary Fiction, Paranormal, YA, and NA Series

5 Fast Questions

with Kim!

  • If you could personally witness anything, what would you want to see/have seen?

    The aurora borealis (northern lights) in Alaska. The beautiful marvel (to me) is something I hope to see before I leave this earth.

  • What usually cheers you up when you’re feeling low?

    The sun. Hands down. If I need a lift, I go outside. Those rays lift my spirits, every time. If it’s raining, I will snuggle on the couch and fade away into a yummy book.

  • Do you have a hero, literary or otherwise?

    Hmmm… What a complicated question for me. I had a somewhat tough childhood. Cops were called to my home at times. They were so kind and always tried to help, even with such limited resources at the time. But I’d have to say my true hero was my “Otha Motha”. She was a family friend who ended up becoming my temporary legal foster parent due to my biological mother’s alcoholism. My foster mother’s love for me was a highlight in my young life. After she filed to the court system that she had been approved to be a legal guardian, the judge told me that when my mom started drinking, I was to call this woman. Some would find this to be depressing, but I loved dialing that number and being taken from the chaos. It was a peaceful time in my life. Unfortunately, her teenage daughter died in a horrendous car accident. My “otha Motha” was never the same, understandably. She had to move away from all the surrounding memories… Even as a child, I understood and never held it against her. To anyone reading this, appreciate the good times. You never know how long they will last.

  • Do you feel as though you’re still learning who you are?

    Oooooh yes. For sure! Life is nothing but a learning journey for me, and I love it. I really do. It has been hard, sometimes even impossibly cruel, yet beautiful and bewildering. There is always beauty in the ugly. You only have to be brave enough to look for it.

  • What’s the #1 most played song on your music player?

    Music is a huge part of my life, as it is for many people. I sing. I used to be a professional dancer. I had a recording studio. I grew up I the arts… I write to music, I WRITE music, I cry to music, make love to music… So, I almost feel it is unfair to look at my song list to find the most popular tune. But, what I will do is tell you my “go to” song when I am looking to unwind and reflect. “Where the Rainbows Never Die” by the SteelDrivers. Yes, I have been loving on Chris Stapleton even before he became such a legend.

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