Leela Lou Dahlin will be signing at #Shameless19, and we couldn’t be happier!!
She is an absolute doll of a gal and a fantastic writer, turning out hot romance for discernable readers of both m/m and m/f genre.

Leela Lou was featured as an Up-and-Coming Author during our 2017 Shameless Showcase Author event. At the time, she had five books in publication and was out and about in the book world introducing herself and her cast of characters. Fast-forward to 2019, and she’s back with quite a few more titles under her belt and an amazing passion for producing even more emotional, hot tales.

This year Leela Lou will be gracing the front of our event tote bag and will go home with every single attendee!!!

Why do we love Leela Lou?

She has been in love with reading since she was a young girl and writing for as long as she can remember, which is both read and felt within the pages of her lovingly crafted novels. She is a busy mom of five and works full time as an RN Case Manager. She is very passionate about women’s health issues and has spent most of her nursing career with that focus. Luckily for us, she also slips off at night to don her writer’s persona and turn out sweet, and spicy love stories for our enjoyment. Plus, she has the MOST adorable puppy sized fur baby EVAH, and an unnatural love (some may call it an addiction ) of all things that fall into the category of office supplies.

What does she write?

This busy author writes as both LL Dahlin and Leela Lou Dahlin. Contemporary romance with all M/M character story lines can be found under LL Dahlin, and her F/M narratives will be written by Leela Lou Dahlin.

*Club Kink Series*
Flipping Her Switch
All for Her Pleasure
The Strength to Submit

*Haught Brothers Series* (below)
A Haught Date
Too Haught
Haught and Bothered
Red Haught

*Kick Ass Academy Series*
The Ultimate Takedown
One and Done: The Prelude

There Goes My Bailey
The Closer I Get
The You I Knew


Five Fast Questions With Kim

A. I’d rather spend the night in a luxury hotel in which there were floor to ceiling windows, so I was surrounded by beautiful scenery but could adjust the thermostat and order room service.
A. Maleficent – When I heard the story as a child I often asked why she wasn’t invited to the party since they had asked the entire kingdom. The movie did an amazing job answering that question and it was heartbreaking. I don’t agree with some of her tactics and found it extremely unfair to curse the child when it was the father that needed his ass kicked, but I understand her rage and hurt.
A. I love music. All different kinds. I collect different songs to use when I’m happy, sad, excited…you name it. I enjoy listening to the music and I love the words, especially when you can make them meaningful in your life. I can’t say for sure the reason I can’t stand this song. There have been times I’ve been up all night to get lucky but damn this one rubs me the wrong way.
A. I’d love to be a boudoir photographer. Helping women see the beauty within themselves would make me feel like a fairy godmother. In the stories I write one of my main goals is to get the heroine to figure out that she’s beautiful, exceptionally unique and worthy of more than she thinks she is. I want my readers to get that too.
A. Shameless Book Con. It sounds like a plug, I know, but it’s the truth. I don’t know when I’ve had a better time. Meeting new people, gathering new books and visiting with all my Shameless sisters…it’s a total blast.

Want to meet Leela Lou Dahlin?

She’s an Event Bag Tote Sponsor and signing author at Shameless Book Con, October 19, 2019, in Orlando, FL.

Get your author signing event ticket now!

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