Gold Sponsor, Signing Author, and Writer Extraordinaire!!!

We are so over the moon excited to have her with us at Shameless Book Con 2019!

Red Phoenix (yes, I do love saying her name!) is fantastically mysterious and wickedly talented! She’s been happily married for over 27 years, (and we love Mr. Red, too!) which has helped her stay committed to her personal belief that love can indeed conquer all. That belief is palpably at the heart of her compelling tales. Her ability to weave stories that bring the trials of relatable real life struggles to the lives of her characters while balancing the incredibly erotic nature of the relationship is spell-binding.


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Why do we love her?

Well to be honest… Red, hot, and erotic just really does it for us. And let’s not forget the many truly-loved and unforgettable characters that she’s brought into our lives (Brie’s story alone resonates deeply with so many.) Plus, Red Phoenix adores her fans. You can often find her on social media interacting with her readers.

Where can you meet her?

At #Shameless19 of course! Get your now.

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What does she write?

Romance, paranormal romance, BDSM, and erotica. (Have I mentioned she’s caliente ?)

5 Fast Questions

with Kim!

  • Who has inspired you most during your writing career?</h4 >

    Meghan March. She is such a powerhouse as an author and business woman, but she is also kind. She works hard, and has a keen business mind, but she has never lost her humbleness or her generous heart. I am forever grateful that she was my mentor at a conference called The Indie Tea. It truly changed the course of my career.

  • When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?</h4 >

    I tend to jump onto social media. It’s kind of an obsession of mine because I enjoy hanging with my fans. I love Instagram and chatting with my peeps in my FB group Friends of Red Phoenix.

  • What makes a person beautiful to you?</h4 >

    A kind soul. I am always attracted to people who are genuine and kind. Without a doubt, they are the most beautiful people in the world – doesn’t matter their age, race, or sexual orientation.

  • What is your favorite throwback toy from your childhood?</h4 >

    I loved the Lite-Bright. All the pretty colors and a limitless number of pictures you could make from patterns or your own imagination. Hours and hours of artful entertainment!

  • What fact amazes you every time you think of it?</h4 >

    I started writing as Red Phoenix in 2011 so that I could learn how to self-publish. My plan was to learn the ropes so I could give my book baby, Phoenix of the Heart (a heartfelt romance based on how MrRed and I met), the best chance I could as an indie author. I did end up publishing my Phoenix trilogy – yay! However, I loved writing as Red Phoenix so much that it became my fulltime career. The one thing I didn’t expect was to be honored with such creative and wonderful fans – they are amazing and blow me away every day!

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