Bronze Sponsor & Signing Author, Shiloh Walker

We are so pleased to have Shiloh Walker as a Bronze Sponsor and Signing Author at this year’s Shameless Book Con!

This amazing author has just under 200 works published and luckily for us her highly animated mind keeps bringing us stories and characters that we not only love but completely adore (and possibly obsess over).


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Why do we love her?

Writing since she was a wee lass, Shiloh Walker has churned out some incredibly hot romances with an uncanny knack for bringing the most fascinating paranormal worlds to life. Shiloh wears many hats… she’s a former nurse, a super busy mom of three and wife to her childhood sweetheart. They live in the Midwest where she now spends her days filling pages for all of us lucky readers to dive into; while spending her evenings with her family.

Shiloh has been a (nearly) life-long reader and started writing during her middle school years. (We’re all grateful for the book ending that she just didn’t like and had to rewrite for herself. )

Where can you meet her?

At #Shameless19 of course! Get your now.

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What does she write?

Shiloh writes erotic paranormal romance, romantic suspense and contemporary romance; and just because her phenomenal imagination is always busy, she also writes urban fantasy under JC Daniels.

5 Fast Questions

with Kim!

Being a paranormal genre fan myself, I’m totally down with Shiloh Walker’s extraordinary style of writing.

One can never have too many sexy ‍♂️ in their life.

  • What is the first book that made you cry?

    Okay, I’m not an easy person to bring to tears. However, I read WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS when I was a kid. To this day, I still choke up thinking about it.

  • What’s the most interesting building you’ve ever seen or been in?

    Castles & castle ruins!! I can’t pick just one. We’ve been to Ireland and Scotland and saw a number of them. We stayed at Dromoland Castle in Ireland and got to visit Eilean Donan in Scotland, which was shown in the movie HIGHLANDER, for all the geeky types out there. I have the HIGHLANDER sword, too…

  • What are you interested in that most people aren’t?

    Hmmm….well, I’ve never done a poll, but I love to visit old graveyards. The older the better. In the US, one of the oldest I’ve been to was in Salem, Massachusetts. In the UK, we visited a number of old graveyards…can’t recall which was oldest there but some of the stones were from the 1200s, easy.

  • What was an early experience that taught you that language has power?

    I was a geek from an early age and loved escaping into books, so this is sort of hard to answer. Since I fell in love with reading so young, I feel like this is something I’ve just always known.

  • If magic were real what is the first spell you would want to learn?

    How to magically clean the house. Yeah, it sounds simplistic, but seriously, can you imagine?

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