Shameless19: Meet The Cover Models

Shameless19 Meet the Models Land

Ohhh laaaadies…

I was thinking to myself hmmm...

I wonder if the attendees would like a guide of the #Shameless19 models along with the authors they’ll be accompanying...

And then I thought, Duh, Kim. OF COURSE THEY WOULD!

So here they are without any further ado... your 2019 Shameless Book Con multi talented (and hot, of course) book cover models and the amazing authors who are bringing them to you live and in person!

So ladies, PLEASE find these gracious and talented author’s tables and stop on by for some fun and photos! They can’t wait to meet you!

Model & Singer

Andrew Chastain

Steal Me by India R Adams

Blake Sevani

Hustle and Heart by Alison Mello

Brock Aaron Grady

Brock Aaron Grady CJC

David Wills


Dillion Lalor

Dillion Lalor

Jered Youngblood

Second Chances by Anna Edwards

Justin Edwards

Justin Edwards

Thom Panto

Blood Laws by Lexi C Foss

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