This Year, We’re Doubling Down!

We’re recognizing two amazing charities for which we’re collecting donations at our Charity Raffle sponsored by Elizabeth SaFleur at Shameless Book Con 2019!Find out why we chose them and how you can contribute.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Way back in the late 90s, our fearless Smut Fairy Leader adopted a dog from a shelter in Orange County, Florida. That little shelter has turned into Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, a powerhouse organization serving the whole Central Florida area!

All of us at Shameless are pet owners and believe everyone should first “adopt don’t shop.” There are thousands of dogs and cats available at your local shelter, and each and every one of them is looking for you to rescue them.

Like at our event in 2018, Pet Alliance will be on-site at Shameless Book Con 2019 with some pet rescue therapy animals! Last year, we got to snuggle on Nugget the cat and Logan the dog. Come by the raffle table at this year’s event to find out this year who will be hanging out!


Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando educates, shelters, places, and heals pets and their families with compassionate, responsible care maintained to the highest professional standards.


Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Just a week after Shameless Book Con 2018, one of our very own Smut Fairies went for a doctor’s visit to check out a pain in her shoulder. Noticing she was due for her annual mammogram, she was prompted to get it done as soon as possible. After several weeks of scans and tests, Christine was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer (specifically, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, ER/PR – positive, HER2 – negative, Stage 1a) in her right breast.

After a successful surgery (specifically, Partial Mastectomy & Axillary Lymph Node Dissection) and weeks of radiation, Christine was declared cancer free in June of 2019!

Thanks to her doctor’s insistence, access to top-notch medical care at MD Anderson, and diligence on her part, Christine is a survivor. Thanks to foundations like Breast Cancer Research Foundation, women and men like Christine have a chance of living out their lives cancer free!


The mission of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.


How you can contribute to our Charity Raffle

Bring your dollar bills to #Shameless19 and be prepared to spend them on tickets to win lots and lots of prizes! Raffle tickets will be available for purchase for $1 each on Friday and Saturday during the event. Also, every swag bag will have at least one raffle ticket inside! DON’T MISS IT!

Thank You, Elizabeth SaFleur!

A very special thank you to signing author Elizabeth SaFleur for sponsoring the Charity Raffle this year!Visit her Amazon page and check our her books!

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