Book shelfies are self-curated visual representations of who we are.

We're showing off our own book shelfies and telling you why we have what we have on them. Really, we're telling you who we are by showing you what's important to us. Come back for more, including a big giveaway you can preview in Angie's shelfies here!

Adrian's Shelfie

Take a look at the splendor of ALL THE SIGNED BOOKS Adrian has collected. It's a magical stack of stories she loves, and one that's growing every year at Shameless Book Con!

You can tell she LOVES Kristen Ashley (with a whole shelf dedicated to signed KA paperbacks) K Bromberg, and Colleen Hoover. You can also see how much she loves being one of the amazing Shameless Book Con planners, even keeping naughty Dear Mistress swag front and center on her shelf. You so shameless, Adrian! 🤭

Read Adrian's Recent Recommendations

Window Shopping

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey


Well Played by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Man For Me

Man for Me by Laurelin Paige

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