Our Book Shelfies!

At first glance, bookshelfies may look like a mess of stuff on stuff on stuff. But what we see is a display of a life's collection of OUR stuff. Stuff from trips, pics from when we were wee kids, and pics of our wee kids. Mixed in with that stuff are a whole bunch of books; many we've read, many we haven't.

Whatever we have on our shelves, everything there says something about US. It's all the stuff we choose to look at every day. The stuff we love and reminds us of times and people that bring us joy.

I think that's what a bookshelf should be: a collection of reminders that bring you happiness, things that represent who you are, what you like, and what you've done.

Show Your Shelfies FB-1

Book shelfies are self-curated visual representations of who we are.

In upcoming posts, we'll be showing off our own book shelfies and telling you why we have what we have on them. Really, we're telling you who we are by showing you what's important to us. Come back for more, including a big giveaway you can preview in my own shelfies below!

Show Your Shelfie Angie Labeled

Angie's Shelfies

There's not one thing on my bookshelves that makes me feel negativity or brings me down. While going through the labeling of my bookshelfies, there wasn't a moment when I thought that something needed to be moved.

Sure the packing tape could find a better home, but then I wouldn't know where it was when I needed it. Yes, the cords against the wall could be rearranged, but then something might come unplugged, and then I'm spending my afternoon ranting at the electronics god. I'm looking at the photos from my 2003 trip to Europe and wondering if I should change them out with ones more recently taken, but that trip changed my view of the world.

I don't read paperbacks, but I do collect paperback versions of books I rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ that are signed by their author. As I look at my bookshelfies now, I can see that the only things I'll be taking down from them anytime soon are the paperback books I've been sent from publishers (perks of a book blogger) that will one day be prizes in a giveaway. And I can assure you it won't be any of the ones on the clock shelf, my ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-star signed books, or any of my Tiffany Reisz-signed Sinners series books. You'll have to rip those from my cold, dead hands...

See something you like on my shelves? *curtsy* thank you *blush* You can shop my shelves on the image below!


Hello! I'm Angie, your Shameless HBIC.

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