Book shelfies are self-curated visual representations of who we are.

We're showing off our own book shelfies and telling you why we have what we have on them. Really, we're telling you who we are by showing you what's important to us. Check out Adrian's shelfie on this post, and come back for more, including a big giveaway you can preview in Angie's shelfies here!

Jean's Shelfie

I don't know about you, but I think Jean loves ferrets. Is it the 6 lovingly placed cremation boxes, the "Beware of Attack Ferret" sign, the proudly displayed ferret award, or the framed watercolor sitting atop the bookshelf? Yep, they love their ferrets in Jean's house, that's for sure!

One of Jean's favorite authors is also up front and center of her collection of paperback. The Happy Ever Crowned by Lexi C Foss – by whom Jean has read many, many books – and Anna Edwards paperback sits up at eye level and is signed by the author. You can also tell that Jean's twin teenagers have a full run of the house because their books take prominence in her bookshelf. It's a happy reminder that good readers make for good kids.

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Wicked Dark Heathens by Lucy Smoke

Wicked Dark Heathens by Lucy Smoke

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Guard of Honor by Tracie Delaney


Kingly Bitten by Lexi C. Foss

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