Book shelfies are self-curated visual representations of who we are.

We've been showing off our own book shelfies and telling you why we have what we have on them. Really, we're telling you who we are by showing you what's important to us.

Our Shelfies (So Far)

Show Us Your Shelfies FB Angela

Show Your Shelfies: Angela’s Dark Side On Display

Show Us Your Shelfies Jean FB

Show Your Shelfies: Jean Loves Books, Ferrets, & Kids (Obviously)

Show Us Your Shelfies Adrian FB

Show Your Shelfies: Adrian Stacks Up Signed Books!

Show Us Your Shelfies FB Angie

Show Your Shelfies: Angie Has Double The Fun!

Marissa's Shelfie

Marissa is a simple girl at heart; give her a PNR book with a few sexy dinosaurs and she's happy for hours. She likes to keep things simple around her house and reserves a little space dedicated for her love of reading. But don't think she doesn't love collecting her favorite authors; she definitely does!

Malia's Shelfie

Her shelfie may look like it's wanting for more books, but Malia assures us it's only because she's redecorating that her shelfie is bare! Though it's small, you can tell she's a girl who loves Dr Who and reading super sexy man-on-man action from her shelfie. Oh, and she lives by her favorite Disney villain, Ursula's, favorite quote: "Don't underestimate the importance of body language..."

Show Us Your Shelfies Marissa Malia-1

Archangel’s War by Nalini Singh

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

Teardrop Shot by Tijan

Scout and the Lavender Girl by Kelly Fox

Scout and the Lavender Girl by Kelly Fox

A Soft Touch by Laura Lascarso

A Soft Touch by Laura Lascarso

Is There Still Room In Your Life For Me by Will Manwill

Is There Still Room In Your Life For Me? by Will Manwill

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