So, you’ve decided to attend Shameless Book Con? Awesome! But what comes next, other than watching the calendar and waiting for October?

If you have never attended a book convention the preparation can be a little overwhelming! I just want to give you some tips to help you get the most of your Shameless experience.

The first thing you should do is join the Shameless Book Con Attendees group on Facebook.  This is your ground zero for all things #Shameless18-related.

Need a roommate? You can find one here!

Ride-share to and from the airport? This is the best place to check!

Is there a coffee shop near the hotel? Someone can answer it for you!

It’s also the best place to keep abreast of any updates to #Shameless18 events directly from us, the organizers.

There are a few things that we suggest you have with you during the event weekend to enhance your experience.

Rolling Smart Cart


About The Cart

The Rolling Smart Cart is sturdy, compact, and folds down to just 3 inches tall. And a cart is a lot easier than carrying your treasures in a bag or in your arms.

REMEMBER: any hard-sided carts, wagons, strollers, or luggage cannot be larger than a carry-on or they will not be allowed into the signing. This will be strictly enforced.

Take With You

Shameless Book Con is a big day, and you don’t want to miss a minute, so a fully stocked tote bag is essential! First things first: the bag! This one is available on Zazzle and has plenty of room.

What goes in my bag?

  • A snack or two
  • A bottle of water
  • Advil
  • Tums
  • Preprinted labels (It makes entering contests so much easier!)
  • A list of any books that I have pre-ordered and any books that I have to have
  • A portable phone charger (I like this one.)
  • And most importantly…cash!!! Lines will move a little quicker when we’re not waiting on credit card approvals.

Packable Tote Bag




Remember Everything

There is nothing like a unique memento to help you remember meeting your favorite authors and your new best friends.

I’ve seen attendees get all kinds of things signed like shirts, electronics cases, and photo mats.

You can even check out the Shameless Book Club store on Zazzle for the official #Shameless18 signing poster.

Stay Comfy

Shameless is a marathon, not a sprint!

I’ve been a volunteer at Shameless since the first event in 2016, and I would never consider doing it without my trusty running shoes.

Remember, you will be on your feet all day! Whether it is sneakers, sandals, flat, or high heels (if this is you, you are a goddess among women!!!), treat your feet right or they will make you pay dearly.

Good Shoes



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