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That's me, Angie, the founder and HBIC of Shameless Book Club. I hope we've met, which means we were probably at an author meet-and-greet or romance book convention. Maybe we met at Shameless Book Con? Or maybe we met in the early days of blogging at BlogHer, and if that's the case, we go WAY back.

Whether we've met in person or not, we probably won't be seeing one another in person any time soon. And that really sucks.

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Through crisis, we grow

At least we try to...

Because of this weird time we're living through, I had to make the difficult decision to postpone the Shameless Book Con 2020. While my introvert self is easily coping to have all this time to myself, my logical self is wondering how the heck I'm going to support my family. As a single mom of two teenage girls, it's all up to me to figure out our new life with a new way to stay home, stay healthy, and expand my entrepreneur drive.

I turned the extra time I had into an opportunity to learn and grow my lifelong passion into a new division of Shameless.

Learn, adapt, expand

I can remember being a little girl sitting at my family's Commodore 64/128 computer, using the first version of PrintShop and a dot-matrix printer to create banners and signs for non-existent events. Desktop graphic design has always been a hobby of mine, and one I have continued to educate myself about throughout my life.

All of the web images we use at Shameless Book Club and print graphics you see at Shameless Book Con are designed by me. During the past months of quarantine, I've jumped head-first into learning best practices for graphic design expanding my portfolio.

That's the SOMETHING NEW at Shameless:

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