Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from elementary school?

The ones where you end up in an abandoned cave and have the choice to continue on deeper into the earth to find the bad guy (OBVIOUS CHOICE) or run the other way?

As much as that scenario could be the plot for a new dirty smut book, Jo Davis took the choose-your-own-adventure idea a different way and made it into an interactive novella series.

I’ve read the first novella in the trilogy—Raw—and will be reading Risky soon. But she needs all of us to let her know which novella to release to complete the trilogy.

We—the readers—get to pick whom the girl picks as her lovah.

In addition to this spotlight from author Jo Davis, her publisher (Berkley/NAL, Penguin Group USA) is offering a giveaway of two e-book copies of RAW.

Author Spotlight, Jo Davis

When my editor suggested the idea of writing a novella trilogy about a woman who was torn between the two loves of her life, I was intrigued. Then came the idea that the series should be contemporary romance, not erotica, and I grew excited. A woman, conflicted over the love of two very different men, and they never entertain a ménage? A challenge for me as an author, to be sure! And then we came up with the final twist—the readers would get to vote before the third book and decide which hero she will choose. That sealed the deal for me, for three reasons: One, involving the readers and letting them have the final say is just great fun. Two, I couldn’t resist the challenge as an author to create an ending they wanted. And finally, this idea is extremely current with the reality-based form of entertainment we enjoy on television with shows such as “The Bachelorette,” in which the heroine must choose her one true love and viewers engage across social media to comment and discuss on the choices that are made. Even prime-time dramas such as Hawaii Five-0 have jumped on board, last season allowing viewers to vote on one of several endings before the conclusion of an episode—an idea that was met with great success.

Viewers—and readers—love when they have a say in the story. I was pumped about this novella series, and TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS was born. Join the fun and help Anna Claire decide which man she should choose—sexy FBI Agent Grayson Sloane, or dangerous billionaire bad boy Joaquin Delacruz. Are you #teamGrayson or #teamJoaquin? I look forward to seeing your vote!
― National Bestselling Author, Jo Davis

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