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    CD Reiss

    Bombshell by CD Reiss

    CD Reiss has a gift for combining the sweet with the down and dirty to create a great romance. ~Adrian 5/5 Stars

    Get Naked

    If you don’t 1-click this 99¢ anthology, I question your devotion as a smut-loving reader. Even if you have 3 out of the 4 books in this set, getting the 4th for 99¢ is a STEAL. Not to mention, all of the proceeds are going directly to the Ronald McDonald House.

    *Shuttergirl by CD Reiss

    Shuttergirl is a worthy read with a long crescendo. And with a girl like badass, mothertrucking Laine in heels running after the man who will ease her lady-ache, I can’t not recommend it. [4.5/5 stars] ~Angie

    Coda by CD Reiss

    I’m a girl who never says there’s too much sex in a book, so if you’re like me and loves excessive sex scenes with intensity of love, you MUST read Coda!

    Ruin by CD Reiss

    In CD Reiss’s Ruin, the story is so compelling and the sexin’ is so NAUGHTY! ~ Nelle [4½ stars]