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    Dark Duet Series

    Epilogue by CJ Roberts

    After your heart, mind, and lady bits have been ripped to shreds by Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark, Epilogue is the perfect, no-nonsense bow to a messed up designer bakery cake. [5/5 stars]

    Seduced In The Dark by CJ Roberts

    The writing in this book and its predecessor is impeccable. Other than having to know what happens with Livvie and Caleb, the writing is what pushed me through to the end of the book. I’m more than glad I was encouraged by others who’ve read it to read on. The dark, disturbing story is one I think should be read by anyone who reads romance or erotica for the knowledge gained by getting a glimpse into human trafficking. This is one of those stories that will live on in my mind, not just as a love story but as a reminder of the need for social change.

    Captive In The Dark by CJ Roberts

    While this book was elegantly written and the story premise is poignant, it was difficult to read through the torture of the kidnapped girl. This is DEFINITELY not a book for anyone with a violent past or a weak stomach.