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    Lina Sacher

    Crave by Jennifer Dawson

    Jennifer Dawson came out of nowhere and gave me exactly what I needed to get out of my book funk with Michael and Layla’s story. Crave has a hot, alpha and Dominant cop who goes after the woman he’s been watching for 6 months.

    Properly Spanked Series by Annabel Joseph

    The Properly Spanked series has come to an end (maybe). I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan of historicals before this series but now…HOOKED! Annabel knows how to bring the details of the past right into modern times. The gentleman are sophisticated and charming. The ladies are proper and elegant. That is, of course, until they misbehave and meet the hands of their husbands.

    Master’s Flame by Annabel Joseph

    This is a story I would highly recommend to hardcore BDSM readers who enjoy the arts (le cirque anyone?), the lifestyle, lots of anal, heroines who keep their heroes on their toes, and heroes who keep their heroines on their knees…or on their backs…or really in any position that gives them easy access. ~ Lina [5/5 stars]