What's Going On 2020

What's Going On

Life is weird right now. No, duh, Angie... For some of us (see: me), it's difficult to concentrate on reading during the weirdness. For others, it's a vital escape from reality.

This post is all about how we're coping, and maybe it will help you, too. However you cope, we hope our shamelessness brings you comfort and some kind of normalcy.

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    Before I continue on with this nonsense, I want to make sure all of the nurses, doctors, first responders, and essential workers know just how much I and the rest of the Shameless contributors appreciate you. Our gratitude will never feel like it's enough coming from this side.

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    Shameless will always have romance book recommendations you can trust! Browse our catalog that reaches back many years. (Please forgive our dust if you come across a broken link or mis-formatted page. It seems like we're always under construction around here. 🤦‍♀️) 

    Shameless Recommendations by Genre

    While life is weird, I've found lots of new things to share and recommend. I'll update this page as I find new things I find awesome, fun, inspiring, poignant, or just what's going on with me.


    Inside the Vatican

    I'll watch pretty much anything PBS releases, and even though I'm not Catholic, I'm excited to watch the behind-the-scenes details they caught of the Vatican.

    added 5.7.20



    Books To Make You Ugly Cry

    Our readers wanted to get all their emotions out at once and requested a list of books to make them cry. I made a list of their responses that run the gamut. You'll cry yourself into an ugly state reading these books and you'll love every second of the emotional roller coasters. 😭

    added 5.7.20



    Support Indie Bookstores From Home

    Unfortunately, we can't spend Independent Bookstore Day – April 25th – browsing the shelves of our favorite indie bookstore this year. But we can show our love for them from home! Buy a gift card, place an order for delivery, or share some love on your social media to support your favorite indie!

    added 4.24.20



    Recreate The Art

    The Getty Museum set out a challenge on their Twitter feed in March, asking people to recreate famous works of art at home. The responses are sometimes better to see than the original! (personal opinion not to be taken seriously)

    Share your creation with the world tagging @gettymuseum with hashtags #betweenartandquarantine and #tussenkunstenquarataine.

    Image via @rampaging_sunfish 

    added 4.24.20


    Animals winning

    American Hedgehog Warrior

    Watch Pepper the Hedgehog take on her dad's Ninja Warrior obstacles!

    VIDEO: 123

    added 4.22.20



    Fictional Maps Made Real

    This is taking fandom to a whole other level. Take a deep dive into the Land of Oz, voyage of Moby Dick, and so many other classic fairytale and fictional lands collected by Boston Public Library.
    Neill, John R. (John Rea), and Zazzle. com, Inc. "Map of the countries near to the land of Oz." Map. 2014. Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center (accessed April 22, 2020).

    added 4.22.20

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    Fran Lebowitz Makes Sense

    Fran Lebowitz is a truth-teller who gives no fucks. If you've never read her or watched her, I highly suggest you do. She recently gave an interview to The New Yorker where she made a whole lot of sense about why we all feel out of sorts lately:

    "(I)’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to think about this, because it is a very startling thing [...] to have something happen that doesn’t remind you of anything else." 

    Very startling indeed, Fran.
    "Fran Lebowitz Is Never Leaving" Illustration by Chloe Cushman, The New Yorker

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    Help While At Home

    Until this week, I had no idea you could volunteer your time and eyeballs to public services. Places like the New York Public Library and the Smithsonian use people like us, doing nothing, to review transcripts, check old maps, and verify databases. (I've been sucked into verifying the NYPL Building Inspector archives.) Check out Atlas Obscura's posts about how to help libraries for opportunities!
    "Manhattan Trust Company, New York" by Unknown is licensed under CC0 1.0

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    My List Of Recommended Documentaries

    I watch a lot of documentaries, kind of an embarrassingly amount. But I'm shameless, not embarrassed, and my shamelessness comes at your benefit! I've recently started a list of the ones I recommend, though it's nowhere near complete.

    updated 4.22.20

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    iPhone/iPad Game App

    Hidden Folks

    I'm on day 4 of this hide-and-seek hidden image game and am totally sucked in.

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    The Wire

    It may be 18 years late, but I'm finally getting to watch this show and it's DAMN GOOD. I'm in the middle of Season 3 right now.

    HBO is offering free streaming of a bunch of their series – including The Wire, The Sopranos, Succession (HIGHLY recommend), etc – or you can watch for free with Prime Video.

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    When Julian Fellowes – the genius behind Downton Abbey – puts his name on a TV show, I'm gonna watch it. Sunday night, his latest masterpiece debuted on EPIX: Belgravia

    I can't remember the last time a premiere episode has made me so emotional after just an hour of knowing the characters. So worth watching, and I can't wait for next week!

    Don't have EPIX? Most people don't... Apple TV is airing the entire current catalog of EPIX shows and movies (plus some classic HBO shows) through its app now until the end of May for free! If you don't have an Apple TV device, you can download the app to your smart TV or device. The first episode is also available on Prime Video.

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    Some Good News

    Just like the name says, it's Some Good News to cheer you up, thanks to John Krasinski.

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    Just Cool, Man

    What Hubble Took On Your B-Day

    Check out what photo the Hubble telescope took on your birthday!

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    Philly Groundhog Eats Pizza & DGAF

    This Philly groundhog just doesn't give a fuck if you watch it eat your pizza like he's people.

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    Glow Stick Dance Party

    My kids are too teenagerly to want to do things purely for my own entertainment (and post on social media), so I enlisted my niece and nephew to dance for me. Enjoy!

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    A Few Things Not To Be Missed

    We like it; you'll like it too

    Sirius XM


    Sirius XM

    From now thru May, stream SiriusXM free on your phone, online and on so many devices in your home.

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    One of my favorite new-ish products that I use every day is PhoneSoap, and it's finally back and available for pre-order!

    Use code ANGSHM76

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    Free & 99¢ Romance Books

    We have a list on Amazon of ~400 kindle romance books that's updated daily. Yep, 400.

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    Final Cut & Logic Pro X

    Apple has free 90-day trials for video and music editing with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.

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