What’s a way I can support independent artists, Angie?

Well, friend. I’ll help you out. You can shop at Redbubble (not “Redouble” like my autocorrect thinks it should be), a collective of indie graphic artists where you can put just about anything on anything.

Shop from t-shirts, phone cases, stationery, home decor, pillows, wall art, stickers, bags, and etcetera ad nauseam. I especially love their silly little t-shirt tags:

[one_half]Redbubble Tag IMG_3691[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Redbubble Tag IMG_3690[/one_half_last]


I put together a little list of book nerd stuff you’ll be wanting to get your grabby hands on.

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Prices shown are before the discount is taken with the coupon code.

[one_third]LOVE BOOKS

[one_third]OMG BOOKS

[one_third_last]A Book Is a Dream You Hold
Screenshot 2016-07-25 10.13.33
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