Way back a whole 18 months ago when I started coming out of the closet as a hardcore smut reader on my personal blog, I had no idea I’d be sitting here shocked at the loveliness all of you have helped me create.

Some of you have told me privately, some out loud online, and some even in print within your books, that—for the first time in your lives—you’re being accepted for what you do and who you are.

I’m not only surprised by your candor but also touched that you point to me and our community of readers as the catalyst for your change in acceptance.

That FLOORS me.

I realize now that I am extremely fortunate to have a husband and family who is accepting of pretty much anything I do. When I post ridiculous or sexual or stupid things on Facebook, Twitter, and on my blog, I’m not judged or “punished” for doing so.

That’s not true for everyone, and until recently, that’s something I didn’t fully understand. It was when I started receiving notes of thanks, emails full of gratitude, and praise from some of you that it clicked.

I had NO idea.

Somehow, this whole smut book recommendation thing turned into a sexual and personal awakening for SO many women.

Slut Insult

I’m just a girl, doing what I do; I never expected to be an inspiration. I never EVER expected to be someone who provided an outlet for other girls like me to become who they should be.

Once I realized there were other girls out there on social media who were being chastised and shamed when you “liked,” commented, and shared anything on the Smut Book Club Facebook Page, I felt guilty for being part of the problem in some of your lives. About a month ago, I created a private Facebook Group and named it Smut Muffins. I figured there’d be 100 or so other girls who needed a private place to read about our smut and get reading suggestions where no one could judge your choices.

Now the group is nearing 1400 members, ALL of whom are open-minded and welcoming. The Smuffins are helpful, non-judgemental, sexual women. There is no slut shaming, no chastising. It’s not because I won’t allow it (I won’t); it’s because these women are decent human beings who have created a support group that validates one another’s choices.

Best Friends

All (with vaginas and open minds) are welcome. We’d love to have you. And even if you’re not into the whole group thing, sticking around here on the Smut Book Club website, the Facebook Page, or the Twitter feed, you’re a part of the family, too.

To request access to the super secret Smut Muffins Facebook Group, leave your info in the box below or follow this link to submit your email address.

Dirty mind interesting conversations

Seriously, I love you guys hardcore. Thank you.